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30 мая 2013 1640 02:08
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- Become a Fan! - Follow Us!Hey guys, I'm Joslyn Davis and it just got straight up real over on MTV's break-out hit show "Teen Wolf," and that's because of the shocking reveal of the alpha's identity on last night's episode. Prior to episode 9, titled "Wolf's Bane," none of the characters on Teen Wolf had any clue who the treacherous, serial-killing alpha really was, and boy oh boy, I don't think I was the only viewer shocked by the moment of truth, when we learned that the alpha is actually Derek Hale's uncle Peter. This is shocking for a number of reasons, most notably the fact that prior to last night the characters on the show, as well as the viewers were under the impression that Uncle Peter was virtually unable to walk or talk due to his injuries from the fire at the Hale household. He reveals that he actually killed Derek's sister Laura in order to take on the alpha role himself. Uncle Peter seems to have basically become a killing machine, devoid of any sort of emotional or human connections, and that would explain how he's capable of wreaking havoc throughout the entire town. IT also looks like he won't stop until he has his entire pack in place -- which currently includes Derek and Scott as far as we know. However, based on last night's episode, it appears as though Jackson won't stop until he's inducted into the pack, as well. Not only that, in the teaser for next week's show, it looks like the alpha may turn Scott's mom into a werewolf unless he joins the pack. Lots of drama -- and shocking moments. So were you guys as surprised as we were about Uncle Peter being the alpha -- let us know and make sure to check out our exclusive interviews with the entire Teen Wolf cast at Comic Con -- we'll have those links below in our story info. For more updates on all things entertainment, subscribe to ClevverTV on YouTube. I'm Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching and we'll see you next time!

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